Dog head outside a driving car

Pet-Friendly Vehicles at Napoli Nissan

Here at Napoli Nissan, we know how your pet becomes part of your family. Transporting your furry friend around can be a challenge, but today we are seeing more and more vehicles with versatile features designed, not only for families, but for pets as well. We just recently came across a custom Nissan Rouge concept designed with features any dog would love. The concept features a bed, no-spill water bowl, and treat dispenser. A slide-out ramp makes it easy to get dogs in and out of the cargo bay, and clip-on harness hooks keep them safe while the vehicle is moving. What more does this vehicle have? An integrated shower and dryer make sure they don’t track dirt into the cargo bay, although the leather upholstery was made to be easily cleaned and removed should any mishaps occur.

We would love to see this concept come to market, but while we wait, there are plenty of new Nissan vehicles in our inventory that can accommodate a furry friend or two. The 2017 Nissan Rouge features a reclining split-folding 2nd-row seat, which provides the flexibility to carry people (and dogs!), and plenty of their things. Configured for maximum cargo, the Nissan Rogue boasts a substantial 70.0 cu. ft. of space. If you go with the available 3rd-row seats, there’s room enough for you and six passengers. Plus the EZ Flex™ seating system features 2nd-row split folding/sliding/reclining bench seat with pass-through to make it easier to get your pets in and out of the vehicle. Another pet-friendly feature included in many Nissan vehicles, like the 2017 Nissan Pathfinder, is the tri-zone automatic temperature control system. This system lets the driver and front passenger set their own climate settings as well as a third setting for the 2nd- and 3rd-row passengers. When in automatic mode, the system will maintain the pre-set temperature by automatically cooling or heating as required to keep you and your pets comfortable.

Stop by our Milford, CT Nissan dealership and let our friendly and professional staff walk you through all of the pet-friendly features found on the vehicles in our inventory.