Nissan Foundation Celebrates 25th Anniversary with $700,000 in Grants

Whenever you’re looking for Nissan cars for sale, we suggest you visit our Nissan dealers in Connecticut. When you shop with our Nissan dealership, you can feel great about your purchase because we represent a brand that has an extended history of giving back. Over the past 25 years, the Nissan Foundation has given over $10 million to more than 120 nonprofit organizations located throughout the United States.

Recently, the Nissan Foundation announced its plans to award grants to 29 charities that promote understanding and respect among different cultural groups. The total amount the foundation plans to award is $700,000.

Scott Becker, president of the Nissan Foundation, will hand out the grants during the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s upcoming annual convention in Washington, D.C.

“I am honored to announce the Nissan Foundation’s 2017 grant recipients, all of which are committed to a world where racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity is genuinely valued,” said Becker, who also is senior vice president of Administration for Nissan North America, Inc.

The Nissan Foundation was founded in 1992 in the aftermath of the civil unrest that took place after the Rodney King trial verdict was announced. Since then, the foundation has awarded millions of dollars to nonprofits that celebrate cultural diversity through arts, education, and various social and public programs.

“Our mission is to support local organizations offering educational programs that foster greater understanding and respect among the groups of people who live within that community,” said Nissan Foundation Executive Director Vicki Smith.

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