Summer Car Care Tips from Napoli Nissan

Have you ever wondered, “Is there a Nissan service center near me that can help me care for my car during the summer months?” If so, and you live or work near our location, the answer to your question is, “Yes!” Whenever your car needs routine maintenance or a repair, we encourage you to make an appointment with our service department. Our factory-trained technicians will get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

Like it is in every other season, following your automobile’s routine maintenance schedule is critical during the summer. AAA estimates that a typical motorist can save an average of $100 per service appointment simply by adhering to their vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule. In addition to saving you money, sticking to your car’s maintenance schedule will protect your automobile’s resale value and help your car to run smoothly longer.

While we recommend letting our factory-trained technicians perform the routine maintenance your vehicle needs, there are a few things you can do to care for your car on your own. One of these things is checking your tire pressure. Even small changes in the temperature outside can affect the amount of air pressure that’s in your tires. If your tires aren’t inflated properly, they’ll wear unevenly. When tires wear unevenly, it shortens their lifespan.

One of the main culprits responsible for battery failure and a reduced battery life is heat. Since the temperature is normally at its highest levels during the summer, it’s even more important to test your battery during the summer. This is particularly vital if your battery is more than three years-old. While we encourage you to bring your automobile into our Nissan service center to have it tested, you can still visually inspect your battery, paying careful attention to its terminals, throughout the summer months.

If your vehicle needs some routine maintenance or a repair, bring it into our Nissan dealership so our talented automotive technicians can take care of it for you. Contact Napoli Nissan to schedule a service appointment now.